The Beginning - February 2, 2016
The first whispering of an idea that would eventually become Literary North came just before Zadie Smith’s reading at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Welcome to Literary North - July 8, 2016
The Literary North site goes live and we publish our first blog post.

Angela Palm and Robin MacArthur Reading - October 5, 2016
Our very first event. Shari put the idea together. Hartland Public Library in Hartland, Vermont, hosted the event. Literary North sponsored it and provided refreshments.


Mud Season Salon - March 3, 2017
Featuring Taylor Katz, Robin MacArthur, Jeff Sharlet, and Ben Cosgrove - Open Door, White River Junction, Vermont

White River Indie Film Fest - June 3, 2017
As a Community Partner for Erica Fae’s film “To Keep The Light,” we promoted the event in social media, in our newsletter, and on our blog, and attended the Festival and film screening. - White River Junction, Vermont

Poetry & Pie - July 29, 2017
James Crews, Dede Cummings, Mary Kane - Sweetland Farm, Norwich, Vermont

Book Giveaway - December 15, 2017
In celebration of our first full year, we gave away three books and one CD to four Literary North fans: Half Wild, by Robin MacArthur; Poems, by Taylor Mardis Katz; Salt, by Ben Cosgrove; The Family, by Jeff Sharlet


Slow Club Book Club - January 1 to December 31, 2018
We launched the first year with A Whole Life, by Robert Seethaler.

JAGFest 2.0 - February 9 to 11, 2018
We promoted this amazing event via social media, online advertising and blog interviews, and we volunteered at the event - Briggs Opera House, White River Junction, Vermont

Heart Spring Mountain Book Launch - April 6, 2018
We co-sponsored this event for Robin MacArthur’s debut novel with the Norwich Bookstore - Norwich Bookstore, Norwich, Vermont

Lady Sings the Blues Book Club - May 15, 2018
Featuring Julia Cooke as moderator and Jarvis Green of JAG Productions - Yankee Bookshop, Woodstock, Vermont

Poetry & Pie - July 21, 2018
Featuring Didi Jackson, Julia Shipley, and Ocean Vuong - Sweetland Farm, Norwich, Vermont

Burlington Book Festival - October 12 to 14
As media sponsors, we promoted the Festival via social media, blog interviews, and inclusion in our newsletter - Burlington, Vermont

Writers' Process Night - November 3, 2018
Featuring Camille Guthrie, Peter Orner, and Laura Jean Binkley - Open Door, White River Junction, Vermont


Slow Club Book Club - January 1, 2019
We launched year two with The Emissary, by Yoko Tawada, the first book in a year of reading Women in Translation.

Book Giveaway - February 1, 2019
In celebration of our reaching 500 Twitter followers, we gave away a copy of this year’s first SCBC book, The Emissary, by Yoko Tawada.

Poetry & Pints - March 10, 2019
We co-sponsored this event with our friends at Brownsville Butcher & Pantry, featuring Colin McKaig, Peter Money, Ruth Antoinette Rodriquez, and a community open mic. - Brownsville, Vermont

Book Giveaway - May 15, 2019
After going to see Bill McKibben speak in Norwich, Vermont, we were moved to give away a signed copy of his important book, Falter.

Dot com becomes dot org - May 21, 2019
We changed our website from .com to .org. We’ve always imagined ourselves more as a community resource than a business, and we wanted our website to reflect that.

Adult Summer Reading Bingo - July 1, 2019
We co-sponsored this summer reading challenge with our friend Allie Levy of Still North Books & Bar.

Poetry & Pie - August 3, 2019
Featuring Rena J. Mosteirin, Dan Chiasson, and GennaRose Nethercott - Sweetland Farm, Norwich, Vermont

Little Dippers Launch: Half-Fabulous Whales - August 3, 2019
Poetry & Pie marked the release our very first edition of our Little Dippers chapbook series, Half-Fabulous Whales, by Rena J. Mosteirin.