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Martin Seel (Sapientia Lecture Series)

  • Dartmouth College, Rockefeller Center, Class of 1930 Room Hanover, NH United States (map)

Martin Seel, Professor of Philosophy at the Goethe University, Frankfurt, will present a lecture titled, "Two Dimensions of Language."

"We speak of understanding a sentence in the sense in which it can be replaced by another which says the same; but also in the sense in which it cannot be replaced by any other. (Any more than one musical theme can be replaced by another.)" Relying on this remark in §531 of the Philosophical Investigations my presentation will deal with the difference and interrelation between "poetic" (in a wide sense) and "prosaic" (more or less Fregean) thoughts. This will lead to the question of whether the traditional theoretical hierarchies – prose (and its analysis) as prior to (the analysis of) poetic language, or the other way around – are sound."

Contact: Dartmouth College

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