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Summer Reading Lists - Margot Harrison

This is the second in our series of 2017 Vermont Book Award finalists' summer reading lists.


This week's summer reading list is by Margot Harrison, whose first novel, The Killer in Me (2016, Disney Hyperion), is a young adult thriller that School Library Journal describes as "A must-read debut for fans of fast-paced, eerie psychological thrillers who won’t mind reading late into the night.”

Thank you for sharing your list with us, Margot!

Margot Harrison's Summer Reading List


The Girls, by Emma Cline. This coming-of-age story based (loosely) on the Manson Family was last summer's "big book," but I only got around to reading it recently. I was blown away by the prose, the cutting insights about being female in America, and the hazy, dreamy atmosphere. It's a summer book, all right, but this is a summer whose teenage dreams have curdled into something darker.


Riverine: A Memoir From Anywhere But Here, by Angela Palm. This memoir is another finalist for the Vermont Book Award, and it's been on my pile since I saw Angie read from it at her launch. I'm fascinated by examinations of the factors — geographical, social, cultural — that make us who we are, and by stories of the road not taken.


What Goes Up, by Katie Kennedy. I'm totally immersed in this YA sci-fi novel (to be published in July) about teens training to explore parallel realities at NASA's "Interworlds Agency." Two things I love about this author: She respects science and the people who do it (rather than just using it as a plot device), and she is hilarious, in a semi-absurdist kind of way. It's a smart beach read.