Friday Reads - January 4, 2019

Screenshot_2019-01-04 Sounds Like Titanic A Memoir IndieBound org.png

You should definitely look out for Sounds Like Titanic when it hits bookstores on February 12. It makes for compelling reading. In this memoir, Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman addresses subjects like classical music, class, living in a female body, fakery and so much more. And I haven’t even mentioned the main storyline— '“performing” as a violinist for a strange composer who uses a CD during his concerts. Thanks to W.W. Norton for this giveaway copy!—Shari


The complete facsimile hardbound compilation of all 12 original issues of the South Polar Times, the magazine written, illustrated, typed, and bound by expedition members during the long Antarctic winters of Robert Falcon Scott’s Discovery (1901-1904) and Terra Nova (1910-1913) expeditions. This great iceberg of a book is a treasure, filled with fascinating descriptions of daily life, songs, poems, sketches, photographs, and watercolors. I’ve barely dipped in and think I’ll be lingering for awhile. —Rebecca