Summer Reading Lists - Alison Prine

This is the fourth in our series of 2017 Vermont Book Award finalists' summer reading lists.

Alison Prine

Alison Prine


Today's summer reading list was shared with us by Alison Prine, whose debut collection of poems, Steel (Cider Press Review, 2016), explores grief and loss in Prine's life. Rachel Elizabeth Jones, in her review of Prine's book in Seven Days, writes, "Prine's gift is deftly to present a central experience--loss--as an ongoing riddle of disorientation. She creates reading experiences that approximate grief's stranger qualities: the weightlessness of dissociation, for example, or a sense of focus gone haywire."

Thank you so much, Alison, for sharing your summer reading list with us!

Alison Prine's Summer Reading List


The Old Philosopher, by Vi Khi Nao is a profoundly imaginative, gorgeous collection. These are brutal, elegant, powerfully affecting poems. I discovered this artist last year and I return to her words often.


Thief in the Interior, by Philip B. Williams. I heard this poet read at Waking Windows Winooski recently, and fell in love with these fierce, graceful, important poems.


Here Comes the Sun, by Nicole Dennis-Benn. This beautifully written debut novel explores the complexity of love in relationships between women in a Jamaican community. The author writes about lesbian love in a context where each woman's identity is a struggle to discover and protect.